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    • Aluminum truss
    • Stage
    • Chorus
    • Alien frame
    • Audio racks, anti-riot bar
    • Network rack, other accessories
    • 3D renderings
    • Rain Peng frame

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    Guangzhou Xin Jin Stage Equipment Co., Ltd., professional design, rental, sales stage equipment. Over the years the direction of the safety brand - take creative ideas for the principle of professional customers to create high-quality stage equipment, the main products are aluminum latch frame, aluminum truss frame, truss, space planes, aviation sheds, exhibition Peng room, gantry Rack, audio hanger, Lei pressure frame, scaffolding, chorus stage, activity stage, glass stage, event stands, air boxes and other stage equipment, aluminum products also undertake processing, welcomed the new and old customers contact us to buy!

    Over the years, has successfully for the vast majority of various stage equipment, get everyone's unanimous affirmation and recognition.

    Our professional, good reputation and sincere service, let us repeatedly won the unanimous praise of our customers!

    Guangzhou Xin Jin stage Equipment Co., Ltd. and every customer are in common progress and look forward to working with your sincere cooperation, create brilliant!


    Guangzhou Xin Jin Stage Equipment Co., Ltd.

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